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Shamballa Healing

5th Dimensional Healing and Multi Dimensional Healing

This is a wonderful stand-alone multidimensional healing system which heals on all levels of reality.  Shamballa as described by Djwhal Khul, channeled through Alice Bailey, is the Will aspect of Divine Creative Energy, acting through the First Ray.

Shamballa is the Diamond Light of Pure Love that is Unconditional Love. It is an incredibly powerful and grounding healing experience and will attune you to your perfect Divine I AM Presence. As a healing experience, it will super charge your 5th Dimensional presence and help you to tap into the Multi Dimensional nature of our reality. The healing will take 20 to 40 mins, with 30 mins consultation and 15mins to discuss the healing session and offer any further support. This is also available as a Distance healing option.

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