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Pure Energy Healing (P.E.H.) is a natural gift of healing we all innately have within us. Pure Energy Healing Healer assists their client to transform the lower vibration to higher by clearing away negative vibrations and heightening the positive energy. A Pure Energy Healer does not heal, he or she steps aside and creates the space for healing and facilitates the flow of universal energy flow. The source energy transfers to the client who receives a gift of healing themselves.

Pure energy Healing is completely safe and non-invasive. The hands are a vessel for healing during a non-touch energy channelling. Pure Energy Healing is an energy force that is grounded and immersed in divine love and light. 


During a Pure Energy Healing session, clients can experience a range of feelings and experiences:


  • uplifted and happy

  • deeply relaxing

  • experience a wonderful, positive energy flow and feel a new lightness of being

  • feel a deep sense of peace from a release of the burdens from the past

  • provides a clearing to see a new possibility that is now available in one's life

  • help heal deep, painful, emotional stress and trauma and even certain past life energy

  • can benefit the physical, emotional and mental bodies by bringing a charge of positive vibration; elevating their spiritual growth; finding their passion; living life with gratitude; peace; happiness and an overall perspective of positivity

  • opening of the heart can feel euphoric, or it could be felt as a release of blocked traumas through the tears of letting go and releasing stress and issues.

  • experience deep sleep – the P.E.R.S.P; Pure Energy Restorative Sleep Pattern



During a PEH session sometimes involuntary physical movement such as a twitch of a limb can occur due to shifts of energy and flow of emotions. A sensation of slight physical pain might be felt for a short while as the energy shifts and clears away the energy blocks, low vibration or negative mindset.



Once a client has experienced a healing and felt a new calming energy; peace and grounding they can recall and recreate this beautiful flow of positive energy ongoing on their own.

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