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Angelic Reiki Re-connection Healing Method (ARRH)

There is evidence that the Corona ‘vaccines’ or jabs have negative side effects, on the physical and spiritual body. In 2021, Christine and a team of Angelic Reiki Master Teachers worked on a protocol that we have called the Angelic Reiki Re-Connection Healing Method (ARRH) in order to address negative side effects. It came into being in July 2021.

Please follow the link to Christines favourites                            Angelic Reiki International for more information about what happened in 2020/21.

DNA is our Divine coding that makes us Human and endows us with all the divine attributes of the Human Race. Over the last, at least 13 thousand years, most of our Divine Attributes have been lost to us and are no longer present in our normal daily lives. Recent events in 2020-22 have suddenly taken this to the final level as we navigate our way through an increasingly dystopian 3D reality.

5th Dimensional consciousness is our Divine Human birthright; our ability to connect with our Divinity , through our DNA, is naturally moving through a Cosmic cycle upcycle and we are naturally, organically  moving towards higher states of consciousness. Reasons why we might find ourselves in a place of disconnection from the Divine and for the downgrading of our DNA (rather than the naturally occurring upgrades) are not for discussion here on these open pages. Some of the signs and symptoms that you would benefit from this healing method are:   

  • Dis-connection to the Soul and Higher-Self resulting in diminished creativity, Divine inspiration, wisdom, Divine Unconditional Love, and compassion.

  • Dis-connection to the Earth and Mother energy with feelings of lack of stability, nurturing, appreciation of beauty and disruption of social order.

  • Dis-connection from our natural ability to heal and live healthy lives.

Although there may have been social pressures, cohesion, blackmail, mind control, misinformation, etc., on some level the person experiencing these conditions and these symptoms chose to take this step of dis-connection. The journey back is always available, and everyone is allowed to change their minds.The central principle of the ARRH is re-connection achieved through forgiveness, desire for true sovereignty, Angelic healing and personal work.

Those interested in this Re-Connection Healing Method (ARRH) should be prepared for some personal work, including the preparation of personal affirmations and a special personal prayer prior to the sessions. Please make enquires about what will be required prior, during and post these sessions.

The general framework for this process includes:

  • One 2 hr  extended consultation and healing session 

  • A recommended set of 3 x 1 and 1/2 hr follow up sessions ( which will include healing and support work)


​To complete the ARRH method  the client will be required to continue with personal work following each of the sessions and beyond. What is involved will vary tremendously from client to client and so we will discuss your personal circumstances and how to best support your needs. The information here is to give you a reference and framework for the ARRH process.

1st consult and ARRH healing: £120

Follow up sessions: £60 

NB Your success using the ARRH method, is dependant on you completing the full course of sessions and 'homework' given;  it requires a  full commitment to the re- alignment of your Four Body system to Source and to your Personal healing.

This finely tuned Angelic Re-Connection process is offered by a limited number of Angelic Reiki Master Teachers and Practitioners globally.​​

Sessions are available in person and online.

I offer a free consultation to discuss if this treatment is appropriate for you.

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