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Crystals work on the fact that living organisms have a vibrational energy system, which includes chakras, electromagnetic fields around your body known as an aura, subtle bodies, and meridians. By using the appropriate crystals, one can "tune" an energy system or rebalance energies, thus improving well-being due to the vibrations produced by the crystals, according to colour and chemical composition. 

Crystals can be used for a variety of physical ailments some of which are migraines, digestive problems, pain, skin diseases, and low energy. Crystals are often used to help mental and emotional issues such as tension, and protection against negativity, grief, stress, depression, and anxiety. In addition, it can be used for self-development, improving self-confidence, and self-esteem, and increasing creativity or focus.

Turquoise – protection against negativity

Calcite – osteoporosis, skin diseases, warts

Fluorite – sinus and congestion during colds/flu

Moonstone – hormone cycles including menstruation/menopause

Amber – holes in the aura and stomach problem. Diamond – mental actives, brain, nervous systems

Amethyst – addictions, headaches, pain

Crystals are placed around the body, upon the body, and can be held. 

The results can be remarkable, from the relief of pain to a renewed sense of well-being, happiness, and peace, with increased energy and vitality.

Crystals are used at home in different ways to continue the benefits of the treatment.

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