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Hi I’m Cirrus Dobinson, with over 25 years of experience in the world of Complementary therapy. Through ongoing study and curiosity about how I can help myself and others, I am now a qualified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Coach, Feng Shui Consultant as well as a Crystal Therapist and Alaskan Essence Therapist


My passion for complementary therapies and spiritual development was ignited in 1997. Everyone has a story that has led them to this moment, mine was one of wanting to

become happy with who I am. I’m delighted that through the years of training, ongoing learning and growing, I have first-hand experience of the positive difference my therapies can make.


As a child I experienced trauma which led to an eating disorder in my teens. This developed into a struggle with alcohol addiction for many years, as a means of dealing with the childhood trauma and an overactive mind.

Today, I am a busy Mum to 5 children, ranging from 30 years old to 10 years old. Neither of my two long term relationships worked out, however I know now, these experiences have definitely made me stronger and changed my perspective on relationships.


I fully understand how hard it is to bring up children with little, or no, support from a partner or husband. There are so many issues that you face when doing it all by yourself – feeling alone even though you have friends and family to hand, financial insecurities, the pressure of making all the decisions yourself, childcare issues and the list goes on.


I found that the therapies and techniques I learnt and applied, truly helped me overcome my

past by finding my strength and stamina to become the person I am today.

This is an ongoing path, as it is for everyone, however I can now say I have a calmer mind and happier outlook on life.


It’s so important to remember that, even though it may feel like it, life is never against us -there is always a higher power available (be that within us, or beyond us, or both) – just sometimes we all need some help to remind us and point us in a brighter direction.


It is my passion to help as many single mothers as possible, to become the best versions of themselves – for their own happiness and wellbeing, as well as for their children.



I have completed the following training:


​Feng Shui consultant - 2002

Crystal Therapy and Hopi Ear Candling - 2004

Usui Reiki practitioner – 2005

Angelic Reiki Master Teacher – 9-day intensive 2011

Shamballa Healing - 5 days course 2016

Meditation Teacher and Calmologist Coach – 18-month long course 2019

Pure Energy Healing - 2021

Angelic reiki re-connection healing - 2022

Alaskan essences practitioner - 2-year course 2022

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