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Channelled Art 

Channelled Art is created by connecting to the client's higher self, spirit guides, angels, or divine soul. The session involves tapping into these energies and bringing forth onto the paper information that can help assist the healing session.


This could be any blocks in the body - chakras and meridians, or around the body in the auric layers. It gives insight from the past - ancestral patterns or past lives - that are disrupting the client's life situations or health. 

All channelling is completed after connecting with the client online via Zoom and actively listening to the client talk about what they are bringing to the session. The client can relax either sitting in a chair or lying down while the painting develops.

The finished painting is then discussed and further modalities are used to bring in healing change - either Angelic reiki, Alaskan essence, crystal suggestion, or mind calm meditation teaching. If guided to offer the client some creative arts activities may be provided. These could be drawing emotions, painting patterns, or building a gratitude jar of written words or painted pictures.

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