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Healing for Busy Mums through art and energy healing

Self-care practices to help stressed working mothers through creative art.

Cirrus provides customized creative art and healing sessions for overworked stressed tired mothers. She tailors the sessions, to include holistic integrated creative art therapy (HICAT) and angelic reiki, which address imbalances in mind, body, and spirit.
She uses simple meditation techniques, creative art practises and energy healing sessions.
The benefit are:
slows breathing
explore how your body is feeling
tune in to the body senses more
lowers blood pressure
rests and relaxes the body 
relax your thoughts from the past and future into the now moment
improves focus and concentration
releases stressful thoughts
enhances problem-solving
reduces anxiety
relieves symptoms of depression and trauma
can change beliefs
​re-discover lightness, a sense of freedom, have fun, let go
releases emotional stresses
accepting and allowing emotions to flow through
discover new ways to express yourself​
ignite imagination and carefree inner child
​just be
feel more connected to you 
gently explore the soulful spiritual Self
keep your inner magic alive and explore the beauty of you
become more open-minded
As each person is different, each session is different and targets what is needed at that time.
Sessions are all online via Zoom at present and are recorded for you.
Hills and little houses watercolour
Calming roses watercolour
Using creative art as a way of reducing stress - my new sketchbook painting

Using creative art as a way of reducing stress - my new sketchbook painting

This week I painted two lovely pictures in my new sketchbook. I used Winsor and Newton professional paints - cadmium red, winsor orange, winsor purple, burnt sienna, cadmium yellow, and viridian. The reason I paint is to become present and calm my mental chatter. The fight or flight response causes a stress response in the body. Healing can’t occur on any level in the fight-or-flight response. Therefore, relaxation and feeling safe are key to healing. The stress response causes: Heart rate increase Breathing is more rapid. Digestion stops. Pupils dilate. The sympathetic nervous system is active during stress. When we cannot flee or fight situations in today’s world, we can’t return to homeostasis via the relaxation response. This causes chronic stress in our bodies. Examples of prolonged stress are: Alcohol drug dependencies Anorexia Chronic fatigue syndrome Stomach disorders Joint pain Sleep problem’s When people recognise that they need help with stress they usually seek it from the doctor or self-help books, healers, etc. They may develop symptoms that are now recognised as resulting from prolonged stress. Learning to recognise stress is the first step to dealing with it. Website. Facebook. Instagram. Email sign up.
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