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CALMOLOGY coaching includes a combination of Mind Calm Meditation, Body Calm Meditation, Mind Detox and Calm Cure, created by Sandy C Newbigging


1. Rather than to solely treat symptoms, Calmology aims to resolve and uncover mind-body-life connection causes of physical symptoms, emotional issues or life problems.

​2. Calmology combines both mentoring and meditation techniques to offer a range of ways to develop present-moment-awareness, heal the real cause and improve your relationship with life.

​3. The Calmology meditation techniques can be used with your eyes open or closed – so anyone can benefit from using them anytime, anywhere.

​4. Calmology works deeper than many of the common therapeutic, coaching and mindfulness approaches because it is awareness-based instead of mind-based.

​5. Calmology’s unique ‘peace with life’ perspective enables you to be calm and irrespective of what’s happening in your mind, emotions or circumstances.

MIND CALM is the modern-day meditation technique that proves the secret to success is stillness. You will stop over-thinking, be present, cultivate states of being such as peace and love and ultimately enjoy peace with your mind.

​BODY CALM is the powerful meditation technique that helps your body to heal and stay healthy. It gives you the rest you need to recover, cleans up your mind-body connection communications and cultivates a healthier belief system that promotes rather than postpones your readiness for radiant health.

​MIND DETOX is Sandy’s globally-used technique that discovers and resolves the root causes of chronic conditions and persistent problems. If something negative is happening in your body or life, and you don’t know why, then Mind Detox can help you to stop treating surface-level symptoms by healing the hidden cause.

​CALM CURE clarifies and calms the unconscious conflicts that can also be causing physical, emotional and life problems and has the power to give you an unshakable ‘peace with life’. Meaning, you can stay calm, irrespective of what happens during daily life. ​

An example of Calmology in practise.

A rocky relationship -

1. I would share some of the love limiters list - judging, expecting, withdrawing, blaming to name just a few and the "6 love without limits" - important points how to improve your relationship.

2. Talk about "more to life than you think" to inform clients that they are not their relationship and they they can have an inner happiness even if the relationship is rocky.

3.Completed a Mind Detox or Calm Cure to uncover the hidden cause.

4. Teach the pink light meditation to help send some love to themselves and the other person.

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